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Success brings along a river of challenges. You are ambitious, planning to explore the Globe and spread your business across the far reaches of the World? No matter what you import or purchase from another country or culture, you are better off with a professional alongside your experience and domain expertise. This is where we come into play being your reliable partner who can make your passage into these new frontiers much easier.


Our promise to you is we constantly research and develop on our products and using the latest technology within our group. This enables us to keep our promise to you! Hope to start a long time relationship with you soon!

We believe innovative approach, high-tech design and using the latest technology in production, together with a careful pre and post sales service assure top quality and total reliability.

BAB Trade team do the best every day to provide value to our customers and live by our commitments. We are proud to be a family business, we know what it means for our name and we have known it every day since 1998!

A company culture is shaped by the attitudes and the behaviors of the company and its employees. In an organization, people express themselves through culture, and it is culture that ensures they interact and cooperate harmoniously.
Four values are the main pillars of our vision and guide us towards fulfilling it





- Open to communication 

- Care my collegeues

- Safe environment

- Always be honest in dealing with others

- Check your ego at the door

- Treat employees clients and vendors how you would want to be treated

Whatever we do , we do it right , and we do it on time.

- Open to new thoughts

- Act proactively 

-Creative thinking

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